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Re: Geant4 package


On 11:45 Tue 06/28/11 Jun     , Yngve Inntjore Levinsen wrote:
> > according http://proj-clhep.web.cern.ch/proj-clhep/ and
> > https://savannah.cern.ch/projects/clhep/
> > it is now GPL 2 (just see later)
> Aha, did not notice that before. However, it still states 
> "interdependencies within CLHEP are allowed under certain
> conditions". I do believe CLHEP is slightly problematic, others are
> welcome to investigate. I know Lifeng Sun did a while back, but I
> thought he gave up (?)

Though CLHEP is released under GPL-3 and LGPL-3 dual licenses since, the Matrix sub-library of CLHEP still has an anti-commercial
clause in its license, e.g.,

  /* Matrix/Matrix/Matrix.h */

  // Creation of derivative forms of this software for commercial
  // utilization may be subject to restriction; written permission may be
  // obtained from Cornell University.

and I failed to convince the upstream to remove this clause. If we
purge the Matrix sub-library to make CLHEP DFSG clean, it will be
useless for Geant4.

(Maybe we can upload it to non-free?)

Kind regards,


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