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Geant4 package

Dear Debianizers,

I uploaded the Geant4 package to git now, and are wondering if there are anyone willing to help me fix it/improve it. Currently I have managed to build a previous version 4.9.3.p02. The recent version, 4.9.4.p01 however, have not been built successfully. A couple of comments:

- The packaging depended on CERNLIB before, but since Geant4 itself should not depend on CERNLIB anymore (?), I tried to remove the dependency (potentially not very successfully)

- The package depends on CLHEP, which has a redistribution license problem. We have been allowed to redistribute it on our unofficial CERN Debian server, where you can find the package: http://cern.ch/lcg-heppkg/debian/

- I tried to build the new version against the most recent version of CLHEP, To get that version, contact me or do "apt-get source clhep2", update the source ( http://proj-clhep.web.cern.ch/proj-clhep/#download ) and build the package yourself.

- The Geant4 package was very well constructed from the original packager, Kevin B. McCarty. I might have broken some stuff, and misunderstood some parts. E.g. the soversion in debian/rules have been a bit of a mystery to me. Please fix/improve anything you see that I have done wrong.

- I am in the final 6 months of my PhD at the moment, so I have very little time working on this (sadly). I know though that there are quite a few people using this package, so if we could be able to release the new version it would be appreciated. As soon as the package builds fine I will immediately build and release the 64bit versions on our server, and see if I can get someone to build the 32bit versions as well.

- New Geant4 patch was released last week ( http://geant4.cern.ch/ ), that should ideally be incorporated as well.



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