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Re: RFS: cfortran (updated package)

Hi Bastien,

On Sun, 2011-06-26 at 21:08 +0200, Bastien ROUCARIES wrote:
> I am looking for a sponsor for the new version 1:20110621-1
> of my package "cfortran".

actually why would you want that? The latest version in unstable has
DM-Upload-Allowed set to yes already.

Anyhow here goes some comments.

> It builds these binary packages:
> cfortran   - Header file permitting Fortran routines to be called in C/C++
> The package appears to be lintian clean.

Yes. Very nice. Even though --pedantic still complains about:
P: cfortran source: unneeded-build-dep-on-quilt
P: cfortran: no-upstream-changelog
I: cfortran: conflicts-with-version libcfitsio-dev (<< 2.440-1)
I: cfortran: possible-documentation-but-no-doc-base-registration

Regarding the first two I would agree this should be fixed with one of
the next uploads. 

> In order to be more robust I have switched this package to arch all to arch any in order to run testsuite

Not really sure this is a good rationale even though I like the idea.

> Notice that I am maintening it upstream.
> The package can be found on mentors.debian.net:
> - URL: http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/c/cfortran
> - Source repository: deb-src http://mentors.debian.net/debian unstable main contrib non-free
> - dget http://mentors.debian.net/debian/pool/main/c/cfortran/cfortran_20110621-1.dsc
> I would be glad if someone uploaded this package for me.

1. uscan gives:
uscan warning: In watchfile debian/watch, reading webpage
  http://qa.debian.org/watch/sf.php/cfortran/ failed: 404 File Not Found

2. Especially since you're upstream yourself I'd favour not doing
autoreconf during the actual build. This should be done prior to
generating the orig.tar.gz IMHO as it usually causes more problems than
it solves. dh-autoreconf should thus be dropped from the B-Depends.

3. debian/copyright isn't yet DEP-5 format.

4. You include /usr/share/quilt/quilt.make in debian/rules to do the
Git-Packaging I guess. As said, I myself would rather export something
"stable" as orig.tar.gz and work from there. How you script your
get-orig-source target is another thing and can use

5. You dropped /usr/include/cfortran.h from your deb which may or may
not be required by other packages. I hope this was intentional - cannot
find any mentioning in the changelog.

Anyway, it's your package and someone has already granted you
DM-Upload-Allowed for a reason. Thus if you think this is the way your
package works best, why not upload it yourself?

Best regards,

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