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FFTW 3.3-beta1 available (Was: fftw: Usage of SSE in 64bit?)

Just wanted to let you folks know that FFTW version 3.3-beta1 is now available from www.fftw.org, with the final 3.3 release scheduled for July 25.

This version introduces several major features that will affect the Debian packaging:

* Support for AVX instructions. The i386 and amd64 packages should be configured with --enable-sse2 --enable-avx in order to include kernels with both of these types of SIMD instructions. It is still safe to ship this binary on older processors, because the new instructions are automatically disabled at runtime if they are not supported on the CPU.

* Support for MPI parallelism (previously only available in buggy alpha form). Thanks to the multiple MPI implementations supported on Debian, this probably means that you will need to package libfftw3-openmpi, libfftw3-lam, libfftw3-mpich, etcetera.

* Support for quadruple precision (__float128) in gcc >= 4.6. This is enabled with --enable-quad-precision, and produces a libfftw3q library.

* Support for a new Fortran 2003 interface, which works in gfortran and allows type-checked access to FFTW from Fortran. (This only adds a single file to /usr/include, so the package modification is trivial.)

The new release is binary-compatible with the previous FFTW 3.3.2 release, however, so it is a drop-in replacement and Debian need not create a new package.

We are especially interested in feedback from Debian's porting teams before the July 25 final-release date, since we no longer have easy access to many of the Debian architectures for testing. (You can just compile FFTW and do 'make check'.)

Steven G. Johnson

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