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Re: [Fwd: Help in testing the RC for Metis 5.0]

Il giorno mer, 15/06/2011 alle 09.55 +0200, Gerber van der Graaf ha
> You can always try to ask them to reconsider the licensing of
> (par)metis. Two years ago I wrote several emails to George Karypis and
> Irene Moulitsas to consider this for distributing FreeFOAM. But I never
> received any reply.

I've already asked him a few weeks ago, and got no answer - just like
other people before me.
However, IMHO the release of a new version is a good moment to consider
a change of license. 
Now, if I go and ask him about this, I'll probably get the same answer -
that is, no answer; but if someone other ask him, this will be a sign
that this issue is of concern for many people, and not just me.
Anyway, this is just my opinion, and in the end the answer will probably
be the same as before.


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