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Re: R: Sponsoring of Code Aster [Was: Re: Code aster changelog]

Il giorno lun, 13/06/2011 alle 22.53 +0200, Andrea Palazzi ha scritto:
> Il giorno dom, 12/06/2011 alle 23.47 +0200, Sylvestre Ledru ha scritto:
> > You have to create an image (cf http://wiki.debian.org/cowbuilder )
> > and then, in aster/ with the tarball called aster_10.3.0-1.orig.tar.gz
> > dpkg-source -b -i trunk
> > cowbuilder --build aster_10.3.0-1-1.dsc

> I've tried with cowbuilder: the compilation starts (that is, I don't
> have your error) but it doesn't get to the end....
> However it gets stuck with an asteru_py2.6 process at 100%, but doesn't
> go any further, just here:
> pre-compilation of elements with make_surch_offi.pi [OK]
> compilation of elements
> with /tmp/buildd/aster-10.3.0-1/debian/tmp/usr/lib/codeaster/STA10.3/asteru_py2.6

did you make any progress in building the package? I still have this
problem where the process seems to stuck on an infinite loop...
If you don't have my issue, it's probably something wrong on my system,
otherwise it must be something in the code aster package... maybe a
small bug in as_run?

Did you try with svn-buildpackage?

PS: I've written on debian-science since all the previous messages are
here; if you think that we should continue on
debian-science-maintainers, do it.


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