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Re: blends/tasks -- keep Pkg-URL for accepted packages?

On Fri, May 06, 2011 at 11:21:53AM -0400, Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:
> And here is the catch, with NeuroDebian in mind again -- we backport for
> both Debian and Ubuntu; (un)fortunately we do not upload to the official
> backports.d.o because whenever we considered it before, the overhead of
> preparing them was a bit too steep and I was a bottleneck since Michael
> wasn't yet a DD.  We might reconsider b.d.o in the future, but situation
> would remain with poor souls on derivatives -- they will not find
> up-to-date versions in their repositories.

Unregarded the original issue: I would strongly advise to use official
Debian services like b.d.o
> "Official Debian package"  or  "Unofficial Debian package"
> it would become
> Packages: Debian, Ubuntu, NeuroDebian, other
> which could be instructed with a generic "Pkg-URL" being "other" (unless
> pointing to Debian official), and alternative locations coded as
> Pkg-URL-NeuroDebian, etc (if another else has a reasonable name).  Also
> if/when Debian PPAs (or whatever they would be called) become available,
> it could become Pkg-URL-PPA-login, to be listed as "PPA-login"

Well, this is some kind of:  I have no problem if you would like to
implement it.  I'm to less convinced that this will rank into the top
ten of my todo list.
> ?

Kind regards



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