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Re: blends/tasks -- keep Pkg-URL for accepted packages?

Hi Yaroslav,

On Thu, May 05, 2011 at 08:56:37AM -0400, Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:
> Thank you for taking care about recently stripping blends entries for
> already accepted packages -- I just got to it, and voila it was already
> done ;)


> But 1 question: would it be too much of stretch to ask if we
> could/should keep Pkg-URL fields even for accepted packages as an
> alternative source?  Rationale -- NeuroDebian provides backports
> for stable Debian releases and Ubuntus, thus it would be great if we
> could still point to a corresponding NeuroDebian page describing
> available versions across distributions (and NeuroDebian).

Well, leaving those entries in the tasks file is certainly no problem at
all.  However, in how far this info should be used?  The Pkg-URL link is
currently used instead of the generic link to packages.debian.org.  I'm
not convinced that another link in this meta information field would do
any good.  So where should this information be actually used?  I also do
not really see any need for the purpose you are mentioning because if you
are using backports.debian.org it should be probably easy to find and
Ubuntu users will also easily find the packages on their usual mirrors.

I was actually thinking twice whether there is any need to have a link
to packages.debian.org because it should be clear in principle, that a
package which is an official Debian package has an entry at this
location.  I just was considering this some extra comfort for the user
and this link usually provides some interesting information.

So in short:  Yes, we could definitely leave Pkg-URL - but to make it
more than some extra noise in the tasks file we need a real application
for this information.

Kind regards



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