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Re: blends/tasks -- keep Pkg-URL for accepted packages?

Hi Andreas,


NB reposting to the list ;)

On Fri, 06 May 2011, Andreas Tille wrote:
> Well, leaving those entries in the tasks file is certainly no problem at
> all.  However, in how far this info should be used?  The Pkg-URL link is
> currently used instead of the generic link to packages.debian.org.  I'm
> not convinced that another link in this meta information field would do
> any good.  So where should this information be actually used?  I also do
> not really see any need for the purpose you are mentioning because if you
> are using backports.debian.org it should be probably easy to find and
> Ubuntu users will also easily find the packages on their usual mirrors.

And here is the catch, with NeuroDebian in mind again -- we backport for
both Debian and Ubuntu; (un)fortunately we do not upload to the official
backports.d.o because whenever we considered it before, the overhead of
preparing them was a bit too steep and I was a bottleneck since Michael
wasn't yet a DD.  We might reconsider b.d.o in the future, but situation
would remain with poor souls on derivatives -- they will not find
up-to-date versions in their repositories.

> I was actually thinking twice whether there is any need to have a link
> to packages.debian.org because it should be clear in principle, that a
> package which is an official Debian package has an entry at this
> location.

Well -- I think that link is still might be useful for  various
scenarios (e.g. to get to any other page, e.g. PTS, which is pointed
from the package page but not from the tasks' entry).

> I just was considering this some extra comfort for the user
> and this link usually provides some interesting information.

yes it is ;)

> So in short:  Yes, we could definitely leave Pkg-URL - but to make it
> more than some extra noise in the tasks file we need a real application
> for this information.

Real application would be to become a convenience of locating
up-to-date packages across releases/distributions.  Sure think it must
not replace the "Official Debian package" link, but rather serve as an
addition.  What if instead of just

"Official Debian package"  or  "Unofficial Debian package"

it would become

Packages: Debian, Ubuntu, NeuroDebian, other

which could be instructed with a generic "Pkg-URL" being "other" (unless
pointing to Debian official), and alternative locations coded as

Pkg-URL-NeuroDebian, etc (if another else has a reasonable name).  Also
if/when Debian PPAs (or whatever they would be called) become available,
it could become Pkg-URL-PPA-login, to be listed as "PPA-login"


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