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Re: embedded movies in PDF

I had troubles with that in past, so I was looking for alternatives...

Anyway you are (partially) right.
Including .mpg or .mp4 with \movie from the multimedia package produces a PDF file that okular can play back correctly.

acroread (9.4.2 from debian-multimedia) however cannot handle it, complaining that "it is not a supported file type. Would you like to choose a replacement file?"

So it's solved for me since I can use okular, but I guess we could all benefit from knowledge of what file formats acroread can play back.


On 03/05/2011 13:33, James U wrote:
I've used the multimedia package in latex and the videos were viewable
using okular and acrobat.

On Tuesday, May 03, 2011 07:20:50 AM Matteo Semplice wrote:
It does, up to a point... In the sense that in this way you give up
compression granted by video files and get huge PDFs by storing all
frames individually, even if the frames do not differ much.

Part of the question was: googling seems to indicate that embedded
playback works using acrobat reader under other OSs (plural!) and I
wondering wether it could be made to work under linux as well.


On 29/04/2011 08:12, Yngve Inntjore Levinsen wrote:
Hi Matteo,

My favourite way to show embedded movies is animategraphics, which
independent of codecs etc. being installed. It does only work with
acrobat though to my knowledge.

What you need then is a numbered series of png's or similar, and you
use a command like:


In this example it is showing two frames every second, from figure
19 to 57. The pngs were called elan19.png, elan20.png and so forth.

Hope this helps.


On Thursday 28 April 2011 22.28:00 Matteo Semplice wrote:
Hi everybody,

       this must be a sort of "evergreen" question, but browsing
never quite gets me the definitive answer...

So, if a PDF file (say generated with latex-beamer) links to a movie,
for example as explained previously on this list
xpdf and
acrobat show the movie in a separate window. This is better than
nothing, but not ideal during a presentation.

So, is there a program/library to show a PDF file with embedded
It should show correctly at least one of the examples in the movie15

or this one with embedded mp4

or this other one with embedded swf


(For the record, the beamer code for the last 2 examples are to be
at http://pages.uoregon.edu/noeckel/PDFmovie.html)

If I open one of the above files with acroread, I get an error window
"Multimedia Player Finder" which asks me to download a plugin for
acroread and if I agree I get the web page
http://www.adobe.com/special/acrobat/nomediaplayer.html which
tells me
that there are no plugins available for my system.

Is it possible to see such PDF files in Debian? Does anybody have an

Best regards,

       Matteo Semplice

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