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Re: Mpich2 build log test suite results

On 10/02/11 at 22:40 +0100, Torquil Macdonald Sørensen wrote:
> Hi!
> The build process for Mpich2 includes the running of a test suite.
> E.g. looking at the latest build log for mpich2 on i386, I see there
> are some tests that are not completed successfully.
> Are these test suite errors checked when determining if a build was
> successul or not, each time a new build is done for each
> architecture?
> I guess my real question is: how certain can I be that the Debian
> supplied Mpich2 will work correctly? Should I investigate myself
> each of these test suite errors to determine if my use of Mpich2
> will be affected or not, or can I assume that all the test suite
> errors are inconsequensial and already known to the mpich2
> development team?
> Here is a link to the build log in question:
> https://buildd.debian.org/fetch.cgi?pkg=mpich2;ver=1.3.2-1;arch=i386;stamp=1297211498
> If you are interested in looking at some of the test suite errors,
> search for the strings:
> "MPI Pack code is too slow"
> "Error in Publish_name"
> "Fatal error in MPI_Publish_name"
> Best regards
> Torquil Sørensen

Hi Torquil,

So far the build logs are checked manually. There are too many tests
failing to make the build fail if the tests are not successful.

However, if you are intestered, I would welcome someone working on
understanding those test failures and fixing them :)

- Lucas

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