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Re: Goals for Wheezy

On 08/02/2011 18:15, Sylvestre Ledru wrote:
> Hello,
> I think it is now time to discuss a bit about what we want to do for the
> next release.
> I have some stuffs in mind (the order does not mean anything):
> * Update of the Debian-Science policy
> * Clean up of the wiki (some packaging todo lists have to be moved in
> Blends)
> * Goto BLAS packaging
> * Drop the remaining 3gf in library names (due to the old gfortran
> transition)
> * Final merge of pkg-scicomp by team upload
> * Debian bibliography 
> * MPI implementation uniformisation 
> * Salome / Salome-meca / Code Aster / Code Saturne complete integration
> * ...
> What are your opinions ? 

I still hope, one day far in the future, to be able to package sage
again. But right now I have to spend my Debian energies on other packages.

Giovanni Mascellani <mascellani@poisson.phc.unipi.it>
Pisa, Italy

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