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Re: introduction of Knoppix-math : proposal for collaboration

Le dimanche 12 septembre 2010 à 09:56 +0900, Hideki Yamane a écrit :
> Hi,
>  I met debian-based derivative Knoppix-math(*) folks at Open Source Conference
>  Tokyo, Japan. I hear they pressed their CD/DVD a lot (more than thousands) and 
>  distributed those at some mathematical conference. However, some of the package 
>  in their pressed LiveCD are packaged and maintained by themselves but have not 
>  enough manpower for maintenance and update (Also, one important software is not 
>  DFSG-free, but they cannot negotiate with upstream because of lack of human 
>  resources).
>  *) http://knoppix-math.org/ 
>  I know there are guys who are working on this scientific package area - So, I 
>  hope Debian and knoppix-math collaborate with that - take packages from
>  Knoppix-math to Debian itself and co-maintain it, think about license issue,
>  improving their distribution with using Debian-live. How about this? :)
It would be just great!
Do you have a list of your packages? (and those which are not in Debian)
Do you know also which packages have license issues ?

By the way, you might be interested to have a look to Debian Blends:


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