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introduction of Knoppix-math : proposal for collaboration


 I met debian-based derivative Knoppix-math(*) folks at Open Source Conference
 Tokyo, Japan. I hear they pressed their CD/DVD a lot (more than thousands) and 
 distributed those at some mathematical conference. However, some of the package 
 in their pressed LiveCD are packaged and maintained by themselves but have not 
 enough manpower for maintenance and update (Also, one important software is not 
 DFSG-free, but they cannot negotiate with upstream because of lack of human 

 *) http://knoppix-math.org/ 

 I know there are guys who are working on this scientific package area - So, I 
 hope Debian and knoppix-math collaborate with that - take packages from
 Knoppix-math to Debian itself and co-maintain it, think about license issue,
 improving their distribution with using Debian-live. How about this? :)

 I'm not sure about scientific applications but I can help with some packaging

 Hamada-san, could please introduce yourself and Knoppix-math? I think we Debian
 can do some help for you.


 Hideki Yamane     henrich @ debian.or.jp/org

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