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Re: Big problems with scientifc use of amd64

just as a sidenote I would like to echo Gudjon's reply: we use lenny on our
little cluster, with backports (backports.org and neuro.debian.net) whenever
feasable.  For simple cases (just software, not daemons etc) if we need
something freshier than available in lenny or among backports, we use
testing/unstable chroots + schroot.  With schroot running anything in a sid
chroot is simple.  To make it even easier, we also have a tiny shell

$> cat /usr/local/bin/run_in_sid_chroot
# Generic script to start any named command in a sid chroot

cmd="$(basename $0)"

schroot -p -c sid-amd64 -- "$cmd" $*

which we symlink with the name for the desired binary we want to run in
chroot, i.e. ANTS (available only in sid):

ln -s /usr/local/bin/run_in_sid_chroot /usr/local/bin/ANTS

and now using it as simple as typing 


On Thu, 17 Jun 2010, Gudjon I. Gudjonsson wrote:

> Hi
>     I use Debian testing/unstable for very very scientific work and I know the 
> problem you are describing.

> The solution I use on several computers is to run everything I can under 
> testing/unstable and then create chroot for programs that need older versions. 
> I have installed Sarge (i386) RedHat enterprise, Lenny (386 and amd64) on the 
> same amd64 computer in order to get everything working.

> Hope it works for you
> Gudjon
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