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Re: Big problems with scientifc use of amd64

    I use Debian testing/unstable for very very scientific work and I know the 
problem you are describing.

The solution I use on several computers is to run everything I can under 
testing/unstable and then create chroot for programs that need older versions. 
I have installed Sarge (i386) RedHat enterprise, Lenny (386 and amd64) on the 
same amd64 computer in order to get everything working.

Hope it works for you

On Thursday 17 June 2010 17:39:31 Francesco Pietra wrote:
> Hello:
> I am at amd64 lenny for scientific computation (i.e. no x-system) and
> i386 squeeze for the desktop with graphics.
> For lenny, yesterday I needed MPICH2 instead of openmpi already
> installed. No deb package for lenny, only for squeeze. I compiled
> MPICH2 for lenny.
> However, the parallelized package that requires support from MPICH2
> requests python2.6, which is unavailable in lenny. Installing that
> from squeeze, even with apt-pinning is too risky for me, and I find
> too difficult to compile python. There is no technical help in my
> institution.
> One can suggest: move to squeeze for scientific computation. Not a
> solution: the packages for chemical computation are not updated
> frequently, particularly non-commercial ones. Key packages for me do
> not run on squeeze, only on stable.
> When such problems arise, I am tempted to inquire if there is another
> distribution of linux that overcomes such problems. Is there one?
> Thanks
> francesco pietra

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