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Re: GROMACS version

Sylvestre Ledru wrote:
> Le vendredi 25 septembre 2009 à 11:07 +0200, Manuel Prinz a écrit :
>> Hi Francesco!
> [...]
>> I also vaguely remember there has been a discussion about some "Debian
>> Science Backports" before. This would be a cool thing to have, maybe we
>> should pick up that discussion again. Though I fear we might lack the
>> manpower to do that currently. Can anyone catch me up on this?
> I am thinking about doing so for Scilab and its (reverse or not) dependencies.
>>> Who is running a number-crunching machine on squeeze?
>> Well, I do on some. ;)
> Yep but as DD, you are not a good example ;)

Me, too!

The question is indeed a valid one. For larger compute clusters, "stable"
indeed seems to mean "invariant". And while as scientists we always want the
very latest, we also want stable compute clusters. This is a dilemma.

Would there be a way to auto-backport packages that are flagged in this
respect? Similarly to some non-free packages being explicitly allowed to be
auto-built? Basically all packages in debian-science and debian-med are very
likely candidates, IMHO.

Many greetings


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