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Re: RFS: Bibus - Bibliographic database

Charles Plessy schrieb am 1/30/2009 5:58 AM:
> Le Thu, Jan 29, 2009 at 09:45:09PM +0100, Jan Beyer a écrit :
>> I am looking for somebody to check and hopefully finally upload my new (as
>> in future NEW) package Bibus. It is a nice bibliographic database, written
>> in Python and working very well together with OpenOffice.org.
>>  python-mysqldb package installed.
>> The upload would close the RFP/ITP bug #470887, opened by Charles Plessy.
>> (Charles, would you mind taking a look and checking, whether bibus now works
>> for you?)
> Dear Jan,
> I have checked and uploaded your package, after a few nitpick modifications of
> debian/copyright. 
Many thanks for this!

> To make things easier for me, I added myself to the
> Uploaders. As I am a user of Bibus, I hope I can help you for new releases (but
> I am ignorant with Python).
You are very welcome to do this!

> I see that you improved the manual page. Can you prepare a patch and forward it
> Upstream on SF.net ?
I have write access to upstream's CVS, so it is already there. But I
didn't want to ask Pierre for another release just because of that - he
already did one "only for Debian" ;-) (removed the debian/ directory in
the tarball). In the next release it will be fine.

> Also you can announce the good news that the package was
> uploaded on the feature request 1797619.
Thanks for the hint. I did that now.

> Lastly, for the .desktop file, can you
> forward the issue Upstream?
I can ask Pierre, but he might prefer to keep it.
Maybe I should dig into this and find out, whether there actually still
are any distributions out there, which need this field.

> I have seen in Upstream BTS that there are issues with OOo 3.0. This is
> somethink we have to keep an eye on. Fortunately, Upstream seems to be active
> on this issue.
Yes. He is working on a Bibus 2, which is going to feature a completely
new/rewritten way of interacting with OpenOffice.org, if I understood
him correctly. We'll see.
> Thank you again for preparing Bibus for Debian. I am sure it will get many
> users… lots of work in perspective !
Fortunately upstream is very responsive and helpful... So I think, I
(we?) will handle this... ;-)

Many thanks again for uploading!

Best Regards,

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