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Re: Debian Science Policy

On Wed, 28 Jan 2009, Daniel Leidert wrote:

PS: I don't care, if guys at debian-science.alioth.d.o write a "Debian
Science Policy". I can imagine a lot of topics for such a policy (for
users, authors and packagers) trying to help the effort of "Debian
Science" and I will happily throw my ideas into the ring for discussion.

Please do so.  We are keen on hearing and discussing your ideas to turn
this thread into a productive outcome.  I think the authors of the
document have understood your issue and we all would really welcome
if this thread would be a starting point to get better documentation.

[1] ... but then please *do* coordinate

If you have something else than discussion on this list as coordination
please let us know.  We are a young group - perhaps some proper
communication ways have to be set up better.

Kind regards



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