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Re: Debian Science Policy (was: adding mpich to pkg-scicomp)

On Mon, 26 Jan 2009, Daniel Leidert wrote:

... how you come to the idea to dictate a
policy?!?!?! And: *If* we (all the teams and maintainers) ever agree on
one mailing list, then it will definitely not be an Alioth list.
debian-science exists.

I understand the RFC as an attempt to find a common ground for packaging
of those packages that use

 Maintainer: Debian Science Team <debian-science-maintainers@lists.alioth.debian.org>

It is just helpful to have some rules.  Packages who have a different
maintainer do not need to follow this policy but are invited to bring
in their experience if they notice technical details which might be
enhanced in the RFC.

Kind regards



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