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Debian Science Policy (was: adding mpich to pkg-scicomp)

Forwarding to debian-science for general discussion

Am Montag, den 26.01.2009, 16:58 +0100 schrieb Sylvestre Ledru:
> > Eventually pkg-scicomp will merge with debian-science in a near future
> > and become a  sub-project Hopefully
> > we will discuss that soon
> Glad you are still considering it. ;)
> In order to simplify the packaging in the team, we wrote a policy for
> Debian Science:

This is *not* the policy of Debian Science! Debian Science does not have
any packaging policy and will hopefully never have one. Being part of
Debian Science just requires to care about scientific packages or
related goals. It will (and must) *never* require to follow any
packaging policy except the Debian policy and it also must not require
to join Alioth!

I forgot to reject your announcement the first time I saw it on the
Debian debian-science mailing list. But now I have to say this loud and
clear. Debian Science is formed of several packaging teams and several
package maintainers and the debian-science Alioth project is just one of
them and not "the one". You should compare your package count to all the
other teams, who are part of Debian Science (scicomp, med, debichem,
gis, ...) and ask yourself, how you come to the idea to dictate a
policy?!?!?! And: *If* we (all the teams and maintainers) ever agree on
one mailing list, then it will definitely not be an Alioth list.
debian-science exists.

Stop announcing your very own and personal packaging policy as the
"Debian Science Policy". I'm not amused and some kind of pissed off.

If you want to write down something about git/git-buildpackage or
svn/svn-buildpackage or dpatch or quilt, than send it to the authors of
the Debian new maintainers guide and add it there to let everybody
benefit from it. If you want to coordinate the workflows in your private
packaging team, then write it down, but make clear, that it is a locally
valid policy. If you want a *Debian Science Policy*, then write down a
document, that does not contain any requirements like joining Alioth,
using special packaging tools, ... And such a policy has to be agreed on
debian-science and has to be published at debian.org. Then you can call
it the "Debian Science Policy". It is rude and offending to pubslish
your own ways of packaging as a global policy.


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