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Re: OT Re: Debian Science Policy (was: adding mpich to pkg-scicomp)

Am Montag, den 26.01.2009, 11:40 -0700 schrieb Paul E Condon:
> I subscribed to debian-science in order to lurk to learn about the 
> state of free software for various scientific endeavors. Now it
> appears to be a window on the internal politics of Debian. 

Unfortunately, yes.

> From poking around the web looking for answers to questions that
> I had, I picked up the idea that 'alioth' was the name of a server
> within the debian collection of servers.

Yes. It hosts a Gforge instance and provides a lot of resource for
people who intent to do Debian-related development work, of whatever
kind it may be.

> Where is there an official Debian statement of what Alioth is?

See http://wiki.debian.org/Alioth.

Best regards

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