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Re: gerris - Gerris Flow Solver

On Sun, 2009-01-18 at 00:01 +1100, Drew Parsons wrote:

> The code builds fine (including under pbuilder) but when I tested
> against my own gerris scripts it failed desperately bad.  

I got the package sorted: basically gerris needs Depends: libgfs-dev

This requires further discussion.  What gerris does with the input
script is to compile it at runtime into a binary which it then executes.
Hence it needs the header and pkgconfig files provided by libgfs-dev.
(we probably need to add a Depends: gcc).

What this means is that gerris has a somewhat different relationship to
its libgfs shared libraries. For one thing, the library is included in
the same source as the gerris binaries (upstream puts them all together
in the one gerris-snapshot package). I think it still makes sense to
split libgfs off as a separate library package. If nothing else it's
plays a similar role to what a "gerris-common" package would do, and
allows hypothetical flexibility for upgrading the library in the future
separately from the binary.

I decided to follow common library packaging practice and name the
package libgfs-1.3-1, in order to capture possible ABI changes.  You
could argue this is not important since the library comes from the same
source as the binary.  But I felt it made sense, since the library could
potentially be split out into a separate code base.

Please let me know if you'd prefer that I revert the library package
back to simply "libgfs" or "libgfs1".  Otherwise if we are content with
the package
then I'd like to go ahead and make the upload.

I've been compiling the code using pbuilder to get a clean build
enviroment (otherwise MPI sneaks in by accident and causes a mess!
Speaking of which, we should probably tidy that up and offer an MPI
package alongside the single CPU package).  I invoked pbuilder via
	pdebuild --debbuildopts -i.git --buildresult .. --auto-debsign

The first option makes the build ignore the git subdir, the second tells
pbuilder to place the deb files in .. (I think it's dumb that pdebuild
doesn't do this by default), the last lets me sign the files ready for


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