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Re: PV-Wave v8.51 on Etch

* mmiller3 <mmiller3@iupui.edu> [070416 16:56]:

>     > Hi, is there anybody out there, who is also running PV-Wave
>     > v8.51 on Etch? Our PV-Wave based application has been
>     > running successfully until Etch' mid-march
>     > version. However, PV-Wave now segfaults when calling the
>     > `tv' procedure to display an image.
> There have been similar reports on comp.lang.idl-pvwave and on
> ittvis.com's web forums.  The problem seems to be due to the
> upgrade of libX11 and is not limited to ITTVIS products.  (As I
> understand it, the changes in libX11 are sanity tests on
> arguments.)  ITTVIS is looking for a solution.  Until then, I've
> down-graded to libx11-6 version 2:1.0.3-6.

Hi Michael,

this sounds very feasible to me. The upgrade from libx11-6 2:1.0.3-6 
to 2:1.0.3-7 falls exactly in that period of time. 

I will downgrade to 2:1.0.3-6 tommorrow.

Thank you very much.


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