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Re: Possible gatherings of Debian-science people

On Tue, 6 Feb 2007, Frederic Lehobey wrote:

The Extremadura meetings are over, but a similar opportunity has been
proposed by CETRIL (and somewhat not enough advertised) in Soissons
(France). The coming session (in February) is dedicated to Debian-edu:
but is not strictly limited to it (I feel there are many skills that
can be shared between CDD-like distributions). They still have (many)
places left for those who might be interested in.

I feel quite close to Debian-Edu because they are fullfilling kind
of a role model.

But nothing really science related so far. Who will be there?

I was not yet at FOSDEM at any time and will not be there this
year, but probably next year.

Not being registered there, I do not know whether something related to
science has been proposed (but I have not seen anything such on this

I applied for a general CDD talk but details for debian-science
are not yet planned.  Moreover I want to organize a

   "Debian-Med day"

as I did in Helsinki.  IMHO it would perfectly fit if we would
enlarge the scope of this because it was in fact only "half a
day" and thus we would be able to discuss some more general issues.

 - the next LSM / RMLL (in France, July 2007).

http://www.rmll.info/ (no English version so far, it seems, sorry)
There will be a science topic (2 days). I am involved in its
organisation and will send a call for contributions on this list in
the coming days.

Where exactly is this in France.  I was on this event three times in
Bordeaux and one time in Metz.  I missed it last year.  It is an
interesting event if **we** organize a meeting between **us**.  The
official organisation was sometimes a bit weak, but the "plugged
in DebConfs" in 2000 and 2001 were *really* great.

There is a possibility (not yet confirmed) of a CETRIL DevCamp similar
to the one mentioned above for Debian-edu (30 people) around LSM/RMLL
event (week before or after July 14th). Would any people of
Debian-science be interested in participating in such a coding event?
(I am pushing the Debian-science topic to be considered alongside


With respect to the above events, I will attend Fosdem and try to free
myself to go to the Debian-edu DevCamp. I am unsure whether Debconf is
of any interest with respect to science related matters (I had no time
to propose a talk there).

It is definitely.

And I will try to make the LSM / RMLL
science topic an attractive event (any suggestions welcome, the
earlier, the better).  :-)

I could talk about the biological part of Debian-Med and
propose techniques to use.  As a physicist by profession
I'm also interested in other matters.

Kind regards



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