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Re: math package maintainer for Debian


On Sun, Oct 15, 2006 at 02:16:51PM +1000, James McCaw wrote:

> Firstly, I am not a Debian developer but have been using debian for some
> 10 years and have a very rudimentary knowledge of debian package
> creation. I am very interested in seeing a SAGE package for debian and
> recently made some effort to "debianize" the upstream source.

> Anyway, I successfully built (and used for quite some time) a debianized
> SAGE I recently attempted to build but ran into some
> compile errors associated with libpari.

This is great achievement.

> As I said, I'd be most happy to share my (rather patchy) knowledge with
> anyone interested.

What are your goals? Would you like to be the maintainer of the Debian
sage package? You do not need to be a Debian developer (I am sure you
already know that), just to find a sponsor and I hope the
debian-science mailing list is the best place for that.

An other option would be to fire up a sage-pkg project on alioth for
collaborative maintenance of sage. I would be happy to join you there
even if my python skills are still rudimentary (and neither am I a
Debian developer).

Best regards,
Frédéric Lehobey

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