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Re: math package maintainer for Debian

On 14 October 2006 at 13:00, David Joyner wrote:
| Hello:
| I am part of a development team for a
| GPL'd math software package called SAGE. We could like

Which is at http://sage.scipy.org/sage but you didn't say that :)

| to ask a question of a contact person from the Debian team who
| deals with math packages. If such a person is reading this list
| (or if someone on this list knows of such a person), please
| reply to this email or email William Stein (wstein@gmail.com,
| the SAGE lead developer) or Martin Albrecht
| (malb@informatik.uni-bremen.de, another SAGE developer).

Is there a reason you can't ask directly here on the list where more eyeballs
will see it? Given how SAGE comprises deveral dozen packages so you'd have to
contact several maintainers anyway, several of which are likely to be
listening here.

I think one you SAGE guys had contacted me before in regards to Quantian
(www.quantian.org aka dirk.eddelbuettel.com/quantian.html) but I can't recall
what became of that...


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