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Re: embed fonts in eps from R?

Hi all,

I can't speak for R, but perhaps some ideas here:

> The publisher (AIP) demands submission of separate eps file
> for each figure with all fonts embedded in it (even the standard
> 14 adobe fonts).

what a pain.

I recently published an article in an AIP journal but the EPS files that I 
submitted used didn't any font information. I'm not sure how I got away with 
that (but the article came out fine). Maybe I was lucky or perhaps they've 
changed the submission system.

> Is there a solution for problem within open
> source environment (without using of proprietary software)?

I suspect that you would be able to convert from EPS to PS or PDF and then 
back again to get the fonts embedded. There are a lot of different tools 
already packaged within debian that can do this. The tools within the 
ghostscript packages are probably worth trying.

> The second picture format that AIP journals accept is TIFF, but
> R has no tiff device to produce that pictures. Is there a strait way
> to convert the EPS file into the high resolution high quality TIFF figure?

Converting from a nice vector graphic format like EPS to a raster format like 
TIFF is, of course, the last resort. While you do produce excellent looking 
results from such a process, you will make the electronic version of the 
paper /much/ larger and the plots will usually look worse on screen at normal 
viewing magnifications (100% or so) even though they will print fine.

But sometimes, one just has to do this....

There are a plethora of tools that you can use for this bit . If you open the 
EPS file in something like the Gimp, then you can specify the resolution at 
which you want to import the image. You can then save it out in TIFF format. 
Command line tools like imagemagick's "convert" can also be used to convert 
EPS to TIFF at a specified resolution. 

> Sorry if this is off-top questions.

Not at all off-topic, IMHO. Plotting and dealing with strange publisher 
requirements are very much part of the the remit of debian-science.

good luck with it!


Stuart Prescott                 www.nanoNANOnano.net

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