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embed fonts in eps from R?

Dear Debian-Science,

Here was a discussion about software used to make a graphs
for publications. Among others the R statistical software was
mentioned. I spent some time to learn it and found a problem when
tried to submit an eps graphs created with R.

The publisher (AIP) demands submission of separate eps file
for each figure with all fonts embedded in it (even the standard
14 adobe fonts).

As I understand the R does not do this embedding. It inserts only 
comments what resources are needed.

Is there a solution for problem within open
source environment (without using of proprietary software)?

The second picture format that AIP journals accept is TIFF, but
R has no tiff device to produce that pictures. Is there a strait way
to convert the EPS file into the high resolution high quality TIFF figure?

Sorry if this is off-top questions.

Sincerely yours,
Yury Yuryev.

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