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Re: embed fonts in eps from R?

> > The publisher (AIP) demands submission of separate eps file
> > for each figure with all fonts embedded in it (even the standard
> > 14 adobe fonts).
> > Is there a solution for problem within open
> > source environment (without using of proprietary software)?
> I suspect that you would be able to convert from EPS to PS or PDF and
> then back again to get the fonts embedded. There are a lot of
> different tools already packaged within debian that can do this. The
> tools within the ghostscript packages are probably worth trying.

I would also try to generate a new PostScript file from th old one. Try
`convert' (part of imagemagick) and ps2ps.  You never know.

If those fail, try converting to PDF and submitting that (`convert'
again, and `ps2pdf', or even Adobe Acrobat if you have to).

I had a problem with figures to an American Geophysical Union journal
last winter (JGR) because my PostScript colours wre in RGB and they
wanted CMKY.  What a mess!


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