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Re: How much interest in a "debian-science.org" repository?

Carlo Segre wrote:
> non-free is not autobuilt and to contact
> the porters for uploads.  I looked at http://buildd.net/ and it seems
> that there _are_ non-free buildds but they seem to be different than the
> main buildds in many cases.  So now I sent an email to find out more
> about the non-free buildd on alpha but I have not heard back yet.

non-free does have its own non-free autobuilders. You may want to get in
touch with aba (Andreas Barth, aba@debian.org), he's maintaining the
non-free and experimantal build-daemons.

> All in all, I am very confused and I am thining of resorting to building
> them on developer machines myself. if there is a policy that non-free
> _does_ go into the autobuilders, then I need to know how to do it.
> Perhaps I am just loking in the wrong places or asking the wrong people.

You upload packages for non-free the excately same way as you do it for
main - just upload them and they will be autobuilt[0].

> Sorry about the long core-dump.  This has been vexing me for some time
> now and I have a couple of packages which depend on pgplot5 and can't be
> built on all architectures until this is take care of.

You're welcome.

[0] For the inital build, you have to tell aba with a signed mail that
your packages license terms do allow resp. do not permit beeing
autobuilt, and that you will immediately tell him if this changes in the
future. Then, he puts your package into the whitelist and from then on,
your package will be automagically autobuilt

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