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Re: How much interest in a "debian-science.org" repository?

Good morning

Do you know http://www.debian-unofficial.org ?

I think that's exactly what you're searching.

From the website:
"0. Introduction


You have switched from ${another} GNU/Linux distribution to Debian GNU/Linux. 
It runs great, there is just one problem: you are missing some software 
available in your ${other} distribution. That is were Debian Unofficial comes 

Debian Unofficial is a repository for packages not available within the 
official Debian repository. It contains packages which are not distributable 
within Debian due to special license terms as well as packages which are not 
included in Debian due to political reasons (e.g. alleged possible patent 
infrigement, binary-only/no sources, or special too restrictive licenses). 

Actually, most of the packages in this repository are built especially for 
Debian Unofficial parts of the software you find here may also be available 
on other sites: Debian Unofficial collects them, rebuilds them to save 
quality assurance and puts them, for users convenience, in this very 

The motto: One unofficial repository to rule them all. 

Daniel Baumann aka panthera

BTW: Daniel Baumann is a DD.

And if I'm right there is even a buildd for several architectures.


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