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Re: How much interest in a "debian-science.org" repository?


In short: much.

> Currently there are a fair number of repositories of science-related
> unofficial Debian packages out there.  I've been thinking that it might
> make sense to consolidate them into a single site.  This would have

We have discussed exactly the same idea at the `science' session of
LSM/RMLL (http://www.rmll.info/theme_26) with people already on this
list.  So let's join our forces.

> I was talking to Brett Viren about the possibility to host CLHEP and
> GEANT4 .debs at his site, maintaining a repository for unofficial
> physics related packages.  So the question is, would other Debian
> Scientists, in fields other than physics, also be interested in using
> this repository?
> The idea needs a lot of setup so probably not much will happen
> immediately; this email is mainly to gauge the amount of interest.

I had in my plans to investigate reprepro and mini-dinstall to see if
they could fit our needs (multiple uploaders...).  I have some
experience with dak but it is not so easy to setup properly (and the
current package in the archive is in need of care).

Any other thoughts?  (I will post more later.)

Best regards,

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