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Re: timetabling for Universities


* Stephan Gromer <stephan.gromer@gmx.de> [060208 01:42]:

> I am not an expert in this topic at all (so I'd probably better shouldn't 
> reply to your mail at all). Anyway, our (and many other german) university 
> (ies) is (are) using UnivIS (http://www.univis.de/) to organize all this if I 
> get it correctly.

We use that at our university.  And AFAIK this is not capable of
creating a good room / lecture / timeslot schedule - at least our
department needs to enter the data to our lectures including room and

(And btw:  univis tends to be slow and complicate to use (the first
could be our rechenzentrum, the last is IMHO ;) )

Yours sincerely,


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