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Re: Mathematica and Windows

I have an issue with Debian that can't use my hardware, and gnu software that cant be user friendly.  This is very off topic in terms of debian science mail group and I will desist from writing anything more.  My final opinion is that Debian is not for the average computer user and that the software available through gnu license does not do what the proprietary software does.  This is it and final and I am done. 

On 20 Dec 2005 21:44:27 +0100, Thomas Walter <t.walter@nefkom.net> wrote:
Hello Yigal,

On Tue, 2005-12-20 at 21:21, Yigal Weinstein wrote:
> You are right Steffen.  I am moving back to XP as my primary OS.  Good
> luck to all.  Linux, Debian and GNU are all good ideas that have not
> actualized into what they could be.  I cannot take months to get my
> modem to work on my laptop, months to get the CAS to work like I want
> it to etc..  Both of these are related to the idea of free but of
> inferior quality.  I don't want to make this a flame but I have spent
> so many hours trying to make my computer work and am very
> disappointed.

Hmm, from your description I assume you mix to completely different
kinds -- OS versus SW.

If I have a chance to get a SW running on UNIX-like platforms what is
possible with some of these proprietary SW-package, I would always use
them on a UNIX-platform as this runs much more stable, can handle large
size of data without going near to look like dead.
And if there will be a crash, then only one application is dead not

Finally, it looks much more like you have an issue with your computer
and its hardware- and software-environment than with specialized

Kind Regards,

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