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Re: diffing latex files -- strikeout?

On Tuesday, 2005-12-13 20:14, Akkana Peck wrote:
> I like docdiff for that. It produces an html file by default: e.g.
> I run docdiff file1 file2 >diff.html, then I point my browser at
> diff.html and see one copy of the file with color highlighting and
> strikeouts to show what has changed.

Thank you very much, docdiff seems to solve my problem. The default behaviour 
of docdiff is not that useful for me, but the following combination of 
command line switches seems to do almost exactly what I want:

  docdiff --tty --digest --encoding=ASCII old.tex new.tex

(I do not know why I have to specify --encoding=ASCII. The files are not even 
ASCII files; I use ISO-8859-1. However, without this switch I get just an 
error message.)

With some scripting, I was able to use docdiff together with svn, too. In that 
use, --eol=LF was required to make it work properly with newly created files.

Best regards,
Jukka Suomela

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