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diffing latex files -- strikeout?

I would like to produce a latexed file (such as for sending to referees 
and colloborators) with changes highlighted.

What I have found of use so far, are wdiff[1] to highlight the differences 
to the latex file, on the terminal, ignoring line wrapping differences 
(since I use emacs' M-q to reflow text when I make changes).

I have also come across chbar from changebar (tetex-docs), which has some 
trouble with at least two-column pages, and bibliographies.

Perhaps the clearest way to show changes would simply be to strikeout 
deletions, and underline additions?  Does anyone know of any scripts that 
can be run on two files to produce such, or perhaps a latex style file 
that only needs absolute minimal changes to the .tex files?

[1] http://www.gnu.org/software/wdiff/wdiff.html

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