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crystal structure analysis applications (was: Welcome to Debian Science!)

Hi Boris:

On Fri, 12 Aug 2005, boris@macbeth.rhoen.de wrote:

What about jana2000 (http://www-xray.fzu.cz/jana/Jana2000/J2000_main.html)
I am not sure about the licence the only thing I found was a line in the README:
-> JANA2000 is a  free software accessible by anonymous ftp from ftp.fzu.cz,

I can look into this one.  I am not familiar with it.

By the way. Do anyone know some good library or program to comunicate with
Eurotherm Modbus (rs232 rs485) temperature controllers.

I know that our data acquisition and control system, MX (http://mx.iit.edu) can fairly easily talk to serial devices such as temperature controllers. We already have drivers for some of the Omega devices.


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