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Root license (Was: Hello)

Thomas Weber <weber@num.uni-sb.de> writes:
> Sorry, lost attribution:
>> In the discussion someone notices that beeing linked to (and beeing
>> distributed inside) cernlib (covered by the GPL) ROOT
>> must be released under the GPL and the sentence you quote is
>> in violation of the licence. If someone is really interested in
>> packaging ROOT, (s)he should probably politely mail the upstream
>> author and make them aware of the problem, they could possibly just
>> release ROOT under the GPL making it perfectly suitable for main (a
>> great coup!)
> Well, as you seem to be interested, I suggest that you contact the ROOT
> authors.

I've asked recently.  Of course the main developers and likely all
contributors are very aware of the issue.  ROOT has always been an
all-but-that-one-clause Free Software project.  At the risk of
spoiling any surprises, a fix to the technicality can be expected.

BTW, anyone going to:


If you use ROOT much, these workshops are always very interesting and


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