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Re: Hello

I'm new too. This looks like a fairly new and fairly friendly mailing
list... it cold prove a wonderful place
I'm a 5 years old debian user (no, this does not mean I am 5)
graduating in high energy physics in Pisa, Italy.
I will take the opportunity here to ask you a question: I always
wondered why ROOT is not in the debian archives, altought it provides
a direct way to build deb packages from the sources?
(if you dont know it see root.cern.ch, ROOT is one of the most
fundamental tool for hep and yet one of the most unknown software in
the foss community)


How come the defaul for this ml is reply-to-author and not reply-to-list?

2005/8/10, FreeFall <renql@ipp.ac.cn>:
> Hello,guys!
> glad to be here!
> Since this list is quite new, I choose to introduce myself first. I've been using Debian for almost two years and love it so much. I am a postgraduate majoring Plasma Physics. I know I've got a lot to learn and I hope here is a good place.
> Thanks
> freefall
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> Whatever you do will be insignificant,but
> the important is you do it!
> It doesn't matter who you are, it's what
> you do that takes you far!
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