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Re: Fwd: Hello


> I think sometimes it could just be ok to go on and package something
> untill the author actually complains instead of spending so much time
> on licencins issues and then decide that some great piece of sofware
> has no place in Debian because of legal issues.
> Of course I Am Not A Lawyer...
And you are obviously not responsible for a Debian mirror. 
We had a huge case in Germany in which a lawyer was going after people
who mirrored a well-known HTML tutorial (there was a link in it which
pointed to a software with the same name as a trademark). 
For the Germans: I'm referring to Selfhtml and the Explorer case. 
The original authors where bothered much later and sort of won the case
-- that didn't help all the other people who had to pay earlier.

> In the discussion someone notices that beeing linked to (and beeing
> distributed inside) cernlib (covered by the GPL) ROOT
> must be released under the GPL and the sentence you quote is
> in violation of the licence. If someone is really interested in
> packaging ROOT, (s)he should probably politely mail the upstream
> author and make them aware of the problem, they could possibly just
> release ROOT under the GPL making it perfectly suitable for main (a
> great coup!)
Well, as you seem to be interested, I suggest that you contact the ROOT


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