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Re: Welcome to Debian Science!

On Mon, Aug 01, 2005 at 12:59:13PM +1000, Helen Faulkner wrote:
> Maybe a useful start would be for people to write and tell us what packages they
> regularly use in their research.

My contribution (physics research):

- For C++ code: g++, gsl
  Auxiliary profiling tools occasionally used: memprof, mpatrol, gprof

- Editor: xemacs

- Graphics: gnuplot (preliminary viewing from Octave)
  	    xmgrace (final output)
	    xfig ("hand made" figures)
- Numerical calculation/graphics: Octave

- Document preparation: latex, pdflatex
  Viewers: gv, xpdf
  Very useful packages:

  - a0poster (for creating posters)
  - textpos  (for positioning text ---I use it for posters)
  - prosper  (for presentation slides)

- OpenOffice.org when I have to fill funding project forms available only
  in doc format :-(. I don't think I use OpenOffice.org for anything else.
- Other software I've occasionally used:

  blitz++ (numerical library)
  matpack (numerical library, not in Debian)
  epsmerge (to merge eps files in a single one, not in Debian)
  plplot (plotting library)



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