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Re: Welcome to Debian Science!

elijah wright wrote:
> It would be all for the best to see some frameworks built that help
> people actually get their research done, along with some documentation
> of productive combinations of packages to *do* the work that needs
> doing. :-)

Maybe a useful start would be for people to write and tell us what packages they
regularly use in their research.

I use the following packages often in my physics research (note - I'm a KDE
user, so I use the KDE variations of things, usually):

kdevelop + a few C/C++ libraries (fftw3, gsl, wxwidgets, blitz), for coding in C++

mingw32 for cross-compiling my code for windows

labplot for plotting my data into publication-worthy plots

openoffice.org for writing presentations and the papers that have to be .doc format

kile + latex for writing papers that can be in latex

firefox + thunderbird for browsing/email

What do others use?


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