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Re: Welcome to Debian Science!

- the possibility to build a CDD for science, so that I could hand it to a colleague or a student, and they could easily install a Debian System (maybe even a LiveCD) that would include all of the software they need for their research

I think this is vital activity. [Debian-science in general, as well as the specific activity of livecd or 'custom task packages' that serve to meet needs.]

One of the largest problems that our lab groups have is that they aren't quite savvy enough about software to make their own evaluations and selections. Grant-funded projects are often under a time pinch from the get-go, and I have *very* limited amounts of energy to spend saying "I just installed these seven debian packages for you on your desktops, please read the documentation and go get started".

It would be all for the best to see some frameworks built that help people actually get their research done, along with some documentation of productive combinations of packages to *do* the work that needs doing. :-)


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