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Re: Bester installation image missing virtio net Modulen

On 27.04.21 14:40, Valentin Vidic wrote:
On Tue, Apr 27, 2021 at 12:08:01PM +0200, Christian Borntraeger wrote:
I think we did not tell him to go away. It was just that the patch itself
has some downsides in that it can break existing howtos (that do contain

We could revisit the initial patch (I think we also need to change
arch/s390/kernel/setup.c set_preferred_console) and then
we would need to test all possible combinations on LPAR, KVM, z/VM
and see if we could fixup existing documentation.

Would Valentin be willing to provide a new version that also touches

Sure, I can try to update that patch, but would probably only be able to
test it with KVM.

That is OK. I will try to test it then on LPAR and find someone that will test
it on z/VM. Please remove the cc stable as I want to have this tested for
a while. Hopefully it only affects the ttysclp0 console, which is not the
default console for z/VM and LPAR. We would at least need to change the
device driver and commands documentation. Anything else?

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