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Re: Bester installation image missing virtio net Modulen

On Tue, Apr 27, 2021 at 12:08:01PM +0200, Christian Borntraeger wrote:
> I think we did not tell him to go away. It was just that the patch itself
> has some downsides in that it can break existing howtos (that do contain
> console=tty0).
> We could revisit the initial patch (I think we also need to change
> arch/s390/kernel/setup.c set_preferred_console) and then
> we would need to test all possible combinations on LPAR, KVM, z/VM
> and see if we could fixup existing documentation.
> Would Valentin be willing to provide a new version that also touches
> setup.c?

Sure, I can try to update that patch, but would probably only be able to
test it with KVM.


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