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Graphical installer for s390(x)?!


(what a catchy subject!)

looking at uninstallable packages, diffing s390 and s390x, this one
popped up:

because it's missing that one:

Basically, the former is arch: any, while the latter has an explicit
arch list. ISTR graphics + s390* = lol, but I guess we can consider two
options here:
 - either remove the former's binary and make it NFU for s390x,
 - or add s390x to the latter's arch list, and make the former

Given we have both of them on s390, I guess having both in sync (either
way) is the way to go. Please tell me what you prefer.

(Looking at current debian-installer.git, I see no g-i image at all
for s390* anyway. But who am I to know? ;))


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