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Re: IBM z/VM + z/Series + Debian

On Tue, 16 Nov 2010 09:19:37 -0500 (EST), anandhakrishna.r@tcs.com wrote:
> Stephen Powell wrote:
>> The installation instructions don't contain much detail on this step.
>> Here is what it says:
>> -----
>> 3.6.4. Setting up an installation server
>> If you don't have a connection to the Internet (either directly or via
>> a web proxy) you need to create a local installation server that can
>> be accessed from your S/390.  This server keeps all the packages you
>> want to install and must make them available using NFS, HTTP or FTP.
>> The installation server needs to copy the exact directory structure
>> from any Debian GNU/Linux mirror, but only the s390 and
>> architecture-independent files are required. You can also copy the
>> contents of all installation CDs into such a directory tree. 
>> -----
>> As I said in my previous post, I have no experience installing Debian from
>> a private mirror.  I have never used a private mirror because I have never
>> needed to use a private mirror.  At my installation, the virtual Linux
>> servers
>> on z/VM have access to the external internet.  Therefore, I can use a
>> public
>> mirror for installation.  Therefore, I do.
>> If due to your installation policy the virtual Linux servers are not
>> allowed
>> to access a public mirror then you must create a private mirror and
>> install
>> from that.  Instructions for creating a private mirror can be found here:
>>    http://www.debian.org/mirrors/ftpmirror
>> If you need help creating a private mirror, ask for help on the
>> debian-mirrors
>> mailing list (debian-mirrors@lists.debian.org).
> Am still not able to sort out the problem. It will be great that if you
> clear my doubts that are prevailing,
> * What is the size of the debain mirror for s390?

I don't know.  As I said, I have always used a public mirror;
therefore, I have never attempted to set up a private mirror.
Therefore, I really don't know how much space is required for
a private mirror.  I'm sure it depends on which releases and
which architectures you mirror.  Again, ask this kind of question
on debian-mirrors@lists.debian.org.

> * What size is required in z/vm to install the debian linux?

That, of course, depends on which packages you install.
You can find my standard configuration described on


This seems to be adequate for a "standard system",
as long as you don't have to compile a custom kernel.
I'd add another 1000 cylinders to / if you need to do that.

> * In referring to debain mirrors, there are some points reg resync?

Again, I know nothing about setting up a private mirror.
Ask these kinds of questions on debian-mirrors@lists.debian.org
Your private mirror must be placed in your network in such a
location that it can sync up with a public mirror, if you're
going to keep it up-to-date, yet the private mirror must be
accessable to the TCP/IP stack of the virtual Linux server.

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