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Bug#499833: [SOLVED] - chccwdev cannot set device offline in Lenny

> It may not be a bug in sysconfig-hardware. It may be a bug in udev, I
> don't know.  Nevertheless, I still think there's a bug *somewhere*.

I'm fairly certain that it's not a bug in sysconfig-hardware, nor in 
s390-tools, and probably also not in udev. *If* there is a bug (as opposed 
to due to incorrect configuration) of the system, the most likely 
candidate is the kernel which is where the triggers that set things in 
motion come from.

If you want to persue it further, you'll have to narrow it down further and 
show that something is actually not behaving correctly. A good starting 
point would be to check what udev actions get generated when you do things 
(using udevadm monitor).

Until you can identify that something is really wrong, there's no point (as 
explained in earlier replies) in reopening the BR.

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