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Bug#499833: [SOLVED] - chccwdev cannot set device offline in Lenny

Stephen Powell wrote:
> So whenever a dynamically linked device showed up using one of the
> device numbers 0400-0403, sysconfig-hardware was convinced it needed
> to be brought online immediately!  What I don't understand is why,
> when it is *manually* varied offline *after* being brought online
> automatically, sysconfig-hardware thinks that it has to be brought right
> back online again!

Because sysconfig-hardware gets triggered by udev when the kernel tells 
udev there's a new device...

When you dynamically add hardware that way I guess it's a new device for 
the kernel, just like inserting/removing/reinserting a USB stick in a PC.

> But if I *manually* take one of these devices offline, it *stays*
> offline! 

Because they don't disappear for the kernel.

> I will leave it up to your discretion whether to re-open this bug [...]

There is no bug. Everything works as designed.

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